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X Jornadas Canarias de Salud Bucodental. Salud oral en disminuidos psíquicos que precisan intervención bajo anestesia general. Prevención, mantenimiento y particularidades del tratamiento.

Это моё последние сообщение в Тенерифа, 6 до 7 Ноябра в этом году. Здесь ещё информацию, а вот это моё краткое изложение This latest lecture in Tenerife, on the 6th and 7th of November. You can find more information about the congress here, and following is the draft...

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3rd molar extraction

This is a simple case of an included, not erupted, lower third molar extraction. Incision is done down the line and around the preceding molar, as well as the vertical discharge in the middle of the vestibular side. The flap is open and the periostium is peeled off...

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Lower incisors. 4 immediate implants.

This case shows the substitution of four periodontally damaged lower incisors by four 3i implants 3.75×15” and 3.25×15”, one of which failed in the following weeks after insertion.   The patient had annoying mobility in the incisors and wanted to replace...

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Two implants, one with ridge expansion and membrane, the other with osseous regeneration and delayed placement after abscess healing.

This case shows the placement of two individual implants, each with different characteristics. The upper one must be placed in the 15 bicuspid area. The bone has collapsed during resorption, although, externally, it doesn’t seem so. The lower one must substitute a...

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Impacted cuspid, palatal extraction

This case shows the extraction of a maxillary canine, impacted  in the palate. I open a flap in the palate, preserving the papilla, so I can stitch the flap back again. I calculate the position by the x-ray and start drilling the bone with a hand-piece until I touch...

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Labial frenectomy with electro-scalpel

This small surgery is done to remove the frenulum, a small fold of tissue that prevents an organ in the body from moving too far. Strongly inserted frenulums may cause awkward mobility of the lip or tooth separation. Another surgical technique is the Z-plasty,...

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