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This is the case of a 50 year old male, smoker, with severe periodontal disease and ongoing periapical pathology in some of his teeth.

0019630H 00196302 00196305 00196304

I extract all the teeth, place a temporary removable prosthesis, and wait three months until the sockets are healed and the bacterial flora has hopefully changed.

00196306  0019630I

I place, then, the 8 + 8 implants, but the two last ones in the upper right sector fail, and I have to wait a little longer to replace them. The rest work osseointegrate themselves fine.

0019630M 0019630K

after six months from the re-placement of the last two implants, I start with the prosthetical procedures.

0019630T 0019630Q
0019630R 0019630S

This is the trial model, to test size, shape, color, and smile line

0019630W 00196322

This are the final prosthesis on the cast, the upper one divided in four sections 7-4, 3-1, 1-3, 4-7 and the lower one in three 7-5, 4-4, 5-7

001963230019632400196325 00196326 00196327 00196328

The two upper front sections are cemented over gold abutments and the rest are screwed.

00196329 0019632J 0019632B 0019632C

Oclusal view with the chimneys filled up

0019632K 0019632L 00196313 …and final smile