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This case shows the substitution of four periodontally damaged lower incisors by four 3i implants 3.75×15” and 3.25×15”, one of which failed in the following weeks after insertion.

periodontitis in the lower incisor region  periodontitis in the lower incisor region, three dental implant placement

The patient had annoying mobility in the incisors and wanted to replace them. She didn’t want to hear about extracting the other teeth for a 6-implant fixed denture, for example.

IMGP2472 IMGP2473

Normally, four lower incisors can be replaced by two implants and four crowns on top. She just wanted four implants as replacement, which is very critical surgery as we will see.

I extract the teeth and analyze the ridge. I find insufficient width in the central as to place the narrowest 3,25”implants.

IMGP2474 IMGP2475

So, I expand the ridge to the limit of its elasticity with a set of expanders, gradually bigger and simultaneously on either central alveolus.

IMGP2476 IMGP2477

It’s a very critical maneuver. You need to stop when either the bone starts to crack a little or you reach enough with before that happens.

IMGP2478 IMGP2480

Then, it’s time to place the implants. 3i 3,25” implants are very delicate.


They have many narrow threads. They need many turns to be screwed.


If you drill or expand too much, the implant may be loose. If you drill or expand too little, they may need too much torque, with the risk of bone heating and failure.

IMGP2488 IMGP2489 IMGP2490

3,75”implants are easier to handle. They are more “self-tapping”.
IMGP2492 IMGP2493 IMGP2494

Still, the error margin is close to none with such little space.

IMGP2495 IMGP2496 IMGP2498

Healing takes place with increasing pain in the 42 area. Maybe bone heating, maybe lack of hygiene… implant on 42 failed and I had to remove it. I healed with great resorption, so I abandoned the though of placing another one, since three are more than enough.

IMGP2743 IMGP3225 IMGP4130

These are the impression pillars and the prosthesis by Dr. Jon Igaralde

IMGP4131 IMGP4132 IMGP4826

IMGP4827 IMGP4828

lower incisors implant

three dental implants in the lower incisor region

And the final panorex, before fixing the prosthesis.