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This case shows the placement of four implants on the left side, upper and lower,  simultaneous to the sinus lift. This is reviewed in another article.


A flap is opened to expose the recipient bone.IMGP7621 Drills are done to the length and with the implants need. In this case two 3.75”x 15” implants are easily placed a little under the bone margin, to let space for the crown placement, since the occlusal plane is so damaged, due to the lack of teeth for so long.

IMGP7622 IMGP7624

I decide to cover the implants with long healing caps, to prevent the bone from growing over the implants. Now there is extra volume compared to the previous situation… so I take off some gum tissue in order to adapt the flap and close it with stitches.

IMGP7625 IMGP7626IMGP7628

This case will need orthodontic treatment to put the left teeth back in place, using the implants for anchorage. Once the occlusal plane is aligned, the crowns over the implants will be built.