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An X-ray splint used in order to calibrate X-Ray images compared to the size of a known object, such as a round metal ball.   00296806 Why? because X-Ray images are usually distorted and don’t show the actual size of bone structures we need to measure. 00296805

The ball will appear round or ovoid in the X-Ray, but as it is  a round object, we know that the maximum diameter in the X-Ray has to match the diameter we already know from its real size.

Is it always necessary? No. If the bone structures we need to measure still have remaining teeth nearby, we can calibrate with those teeth. Therefore, it is most commonly used when none or few teeth remain in the jaws.

How is it made?

  1. We take impressions and make a cast of your jaw
  2. Balls are fixed on the cast in the desired position according to the estimated  position where we want to set the implants.  00296803
  3. A thermo-vacuum machine is used to melt a plastic layer and adapt it tightly over the cast.    00296804
  4. The splint is cut and conveniently adapted into the mouth   0024730300247305
  5. X-rays are taken with the splint in position and, then, calibrated

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