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General anesthesia in dentistry

Although the majority of the dental surgery procedures and general dental treatments can be done with the only help of local anesthetics, sometimes general anesthesia  is strictly necessary in order to carry out long , extensive surgeries, such as orthognatical...

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Some endodontic cases

            Lower molars case one Lower left second bicuspid and first molar root canal treatment with M-Two system. Notice the lateral canal, mesial of the apex of 35. Molar with three canals. case two lower left second molar  root canal treatment with M-Two system....

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Ceramic Inlays

Ceramic inlays are the best way to restore posterior teeth. The round contact point in between the teeth can be prepared by the dental technician in the best way, as compared to a direct, ordinary class II filling restorations. Also, patients who present allergy to...

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